sky. (whirlingdervish) wrote in thebeatbox,

magnetic poetry

can you bottle words on a fridge or metallic desktop
can you piece together automatic writing the same as cutting it out from newspapers
and magazines like a serial killer or secret admirer?

remember when they first came out and were all the rage
i picked up the plastic box containing letters on plastic on magnetic strips
and wondered
how can this cost $15?

is poetry free
can you market it
are people really that lazy?
how does it compete with pen on paper, pencil on notepad, scissors and print?
---typewriters vs keyboards--
does the writing change with the medium?
does the writer's voice find other arcs
like split personalities within the self
through touch or idea of transference through the new object possessed?

then i wondered
when looking at a friend's fridge
how many people read what they've arranged?
how many people change what exists and what possesses them to?
how long does it take for the originator to notice their original has become the ghostwriting?
do poltergeists ever rewrite as a prank without being discovered?
if it is in a specific patterned shape like a spiral or square- was the poet more interested in the pattern or the meaning between the words?

is poetry magnetic or is it more attractive when carved into wood, stone, or a bus stop's window?

how permanent is anything so transient
and how long should anything last?
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