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Mauling the Block

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"To be without the slightest subject for a book, is to find yourself, once again, before a book. a vast emptiness. a possible book. before something like living, naked writing, like something terrible, terrible to overcome."

This week's prompt is
Prisoner's Cinema

This is a brand new venue for creative writing. Each week, I will give you a new topic to write from. Its up to you what you want to do with this. Floral dressed romantics and goth kids beware, we have a heightened sense of humor and a desire to pull out your real voice.

A few basic rules:

When you join, please introduce yourself! It doesn't have to be anything lengthy, just give us a little back ground on you and what's bringing you here.

To reply to the topic of the week, post an entry instead of replying to my post.
For longer entries, l-j cut it for our more scrolling-sensitive readers.
Comment freely on post, everyone here wants feedback.
You are more than welcome to add as many entries on the weekly topic, along with any additions or changes to existing posts.

I, FrontPorchMafia, am the moderator. If you have ideas for new topics, complaints, or general feed back-email me at thegreatpirates@yahoo.com